The 21st Century; The Era of False Flags, Shills and Public Misinformation

Today, I would like to speak about a serious issue which I have thought about over and over to the point that it’s stuck at the back of my mind like a splinter in a sore thumb. I am referring to the fact that as a society we have become anti-cultural, conformist and ignorant. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying it’s completely our fault (nor am I saying that we should be ashamed and repent, we just need to open our minds and think logically) – as citizens in a democracy we use our vote to empower authorities charged with safeguarding our interests. Our true failure lies in not realising that the game is rigged.

What I mean by this is this – think of society like a pyramid structure. If you were to put our nation’s most important at the top and the less important at the bottom, logic dictates that the authorities and the decision-makers would be at the apex level, right? Now, if the person in power is also a person who gets to live a privileged lifestyle, attend lavish parties and have VIP treatment in every single place they go, it’s safe to assume that they would want it to stay that way. After all, society tends to give the cold shoulder to those who are financially troubled (try asking someone for food or money when you don’t have any and see just how empty your stomach will remain). So, tell me dear loyal party supporters; why do you think that your leaders are above lying to you and screwing you over when in reality their stay in power is when they can cash out?

This is where the things I mentioned in the title of this article come in. Politicians weave a web of lies to deceive and subvert the public’s attention away from the real issues and problems; the job description entails diverting the blame away from them and onto a minority. There are several tactics which have been used to do so – false flag attacks, for example, is a commonly used fear-mongering tool in order to terrorise a nation into going to war. A false flag attack is one which is planned by a country on its own soil (under the pre-tense that the assailants belong to the “enemy” nation) in order to make it seem justified to go to war with another country – an example of this lies in 9/11. For the sake of the brevity of this article, I suggest looking at the damning evidence yourself, as it would take a whole other article to delve into that subject.

Another business which is booming is the shilling industry; how many times have you heard a government official say “a panel of experts has been lined up to back our statement?” In the case of a corrupt government whose interest solely lies in convincing us we should blindly trust it and not ask questions, shills are very useful people (the word ‘shill’ is slang for a person who publics or praises something / someone for reasons of self-interest or personal profit). For example, if your government wants to build a tasteless boutique hotel in a beautiful rural area of the country, they will probably hire a couple of experts to provide a ‘social impact assessment’ (or something on those lines, the important thing is that they come off looking professional and serious) in order to convince the public this is a good idea.

And how does this all slide without us noticing? That’s where deliberate public misinformation comes in. Every day, we are bombarded with non-stop advertisements, countless reality shows and droll television as well as propaganda from national radio and television shows. The point of all this is to never give you time to thoroughly think about what’s really going on and keep you occupied with mindless entertainment. If it’s not entertainment, it’s the general glorification of the lifestyle of the wealthy and the influential that keeps us tethered onto the bait just enough to believe that we can all live like that (leading to the never-ending pursuit for money). The delusion lies in making you think that it’s okay to have inequality and hate and disparity; if you believe that is okay, then you need to reconnect to what it really means to be a human being and start thinking more with your own brain instead of waiting to be told what to think.


Dealing with Rejection

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven’t written an article in a while; the truth is, I’ve been nursing a classic case of ‘writer’s block’. Writer’s block isn’t a physical inability to write – it’s basically being in a mental state where you just can’t be bothered with expressing yourself. This problem normally rears its ugly head when one’s mind is occupied with personal issues; in my case, it was having to deal with being rejected for a job which could have radically boosted my writing career.

The worst part was being called up for the first interview; I felt like I’d done really well, the interviewer liked my work and seemed satisfied with the way I answered most of his questions. It all looked promising, until in the end, due to my lack of a degree or some form of post-University certification, I was politely told that my chances of getting the job were very unlikely. ‘Nonetheless, should you be considered for a second interview, we’ll let you know’, he said. I have a lot to say on the subject of human value being calculated on the amount of certificates they hold and the courses they completed, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

What I do want to talk about is dealing with rejection. One of the highest-earning authors of all time (a certain woman known as J.K. Rowling) had to go through 19 different publishers before someone even considered Harry Potter as something they would print and promote. If her story is anything to go by as a guide for aspiring writers such as myself, it’s this – if you have a dream and want to truly be successful in what you like doing the most, then don’t let other people tell you what your worth is. I’ve wanted to be a lot of things in my life – at first, I wanted to be a veterinary, and then a doctor, and then a politician. But, deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a thinker and a writer.

I’ve been told by countless people that finding a career as a writer is difficult, and that there are a lot of established people who overshadow competition with the simplest of works. But honestly, after being passed on by one of these ‘established people’ due to my lack of qualifications, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to do something no one’s going to help you get there (especially contention). If you can truly manage to hone your skills in your desired field to the point that you can produce quality product, then push yourself. Work on it until your arms fall off and your brain’s drained from all its ideas and eventually, at some point, people will sit up and take notice. Had J.K. Rowling given up on her material, she wouldn’t be one of the biggest household names in the literary world and have a net worth of $1 billion. Just think about that the next time you feel like giving up on what you really want to become.