Why We All Should Stop Using Money

In an increasingly materialistic society wherein your worth as a human being is determined by the size of your bank account, the concept of money being the one and only crux of life is drummed into our minds the moment we are old enough to understand it. The first things they tell you when you start your education is that the purpose of all you’re going to be forced to learn is so that you can build your knowledge as you grow up in order to ultimately graduate and get a job. On paper, this seems fair and rational; educate our children, shape them into grown men and women who will go on to be productive members of society.

However, if education is really that important to the people in charge of safeguarding our national interests as citizens, why does it never really improve? Why are governments across the world spending millions upon millions on military technology, land development and media outlets for propaganda and campaigns instead of the things that actually do matter such as education, science and the safeguarding of the environment? The answer to that question is very simple; we have sold out our humanity and we have severed our connections to the natural world. We have surrounded ourselves with corporate comfort and countless shiny, overpriced gadgets instead of enjoying each other as human beings. We have become mindless drones whose only purpose is to be obedient, conformist workers and we are rewarded with meaningless bits of paper we call money in order to feel accomplished.

This is why money will never go to education, for example, because the people in power need us to be mindless drones. What they do not need are critical thinkers who can understand that the increasing gap between the rich and the poor is systemic, and that the system is designed to make it work that way. Politicians are not there to represent your interests, they are there to give you the illusion that your vote makes a difference and that you have a choice. The owners of the world, the same world whose mantra has become that money makes it go round, are those that run the big, wealthy businesses. Media outlets spit out whatever tune pleases the government and the wealthy and the powerful whilst true, unbridled journalism dies a slow, agonising death. Music, sports and any form of entertainment are all contrived to divert your attention away from what really matters, and people who dissent or criticise the system are labelled as conspiracy theorists and lunatics. If all of that does not feel intensely wrong, then you’re welcome for the reality check.

At this point you might be asking yourself what could be done in order for the world to change for the better, and why it has become like this. From my perspective, I truly believe that money is root of all evil, and that we have been blinded by its commodity so much that we fail to realise that money cannot replace the rivers when they’ve been parched dry, nor can it grow back the trees and claim back the land which we use to put food on our table. Similarly, money cannot buy your freedom as a human being back, not when it is the thing that is enslaving you. Imagine, however, if we all just stopped for a second and merely looked at each other and appreciated each other as human beings instead of trying to screw over everybody in the name of personal profit. If we all realised how much money has destroyed our identity, we would know better. What can you do as an ordinary citizen, you may ask? On your own, make sure you never compromise who you are as a person in the name of financial gain; as for humanity as a whole? Well, I believe we should stop fighting each other and aim our crosshairs at the greedy scum responsible for all of this. That would, I believe, be a brilliant start to the 21st Century-version of the Renaissance humanity desperately needs.


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