8 Reasons Why Religion is Detrimental to Humanity

Religion, as the late George Carlin would have put it in his blunt, unapologetic style, is ‘just a form of mind-control’. Indeed, it is a form of mind-control that has plagued humanity since the beginning of our history as a species, owing its origins to the very first human minds who tried to explain the phenomena they observed around them. From that point onwards, religion has managed to evolve into a disease that has set back humanity’s progress and permanently damaged and scarred our society for as long as we’ve been around. It is for these reasons that I have chosen to write this article, to point out religion’s biggest flaws and why it has had such an adverse effect on our society:

#8: It gives you a false sense of hope.

Go to a hospital, clinic or any other place where people can be found waiting for a result and you’ll find people praying to one God or the other (that alone already discredits different religions claiming that their faith is the right one to the exclusion of everyone else’s). Is it a bad thing that someone chooses to pray whilst waiting for something which could potentially be life-changing? Not at all; prayer or meditation are spiritual means which people use to calm down and maintain a steady grip on life in dire situations, and I respect that. The actual problem is the feeling of hope which is instilled by prayer, the belief that some divine being will intervene in your life in order to help you. Why would a divine being who, in his omniscience, has already laid out your life plan, listen to your prayer? The worst part of all, however, is when results are favourable to the faithful in question and they choose to thank God for “saving them”; don’t thank your God, because he hasn’t done anything to save you. Your doctors did.

#7: The ridiculous misdistribution of wealth.

This particular entry is very self-explanatory, and the Catholic Church is perhaps the guiltiest of them all on this one. Many religions share this central belief that we should always help the less fortunate and always donate to charities; this is all well and good. However, do you seriously expect me to have faith in your religion when every single church I’ve ever seen in my life had enough gold, silver, ivory and other assorted precious metals to make a pirate’s mouth water? Do you, of all the people in the world, seriously believe that I will give my money to you in order for you to “help” the needy? No thank you, I’ll do it myself if I want to.

#6: Censorship.

Nobody truly knows how bad this particular aspect of religious influence was on our society, but my guess is very bad. Think of all the great works of art that have been thrown out of humanity’s grasp because of religious censorship, of all the brilliant inventors, artists, authors and philosophers whose reputations were ruined because they did not conform to the Church’s beliefs? Think of all the progress humanity could have made if the best minds of all time were not held back by some form of religious authority or the other, and then you’ll begin to truly comprehend the repercussions of censorship.

#5: Discrimination against minorities which fuels division via the false promise of unity.

Religious persecution is perhaps one of humanity’s greatest tragicomedies. It is the hunting of human beings just like you and me on the basis that their faith/lack of it is different from what the prosecuting “authority” believes in, and that’s just wrong. The worst part of it all is that religion is presented as something that unites the faithful into one, large, extended family of sorts, when in reality it only fuels division by promising unity. Not only that, but religious persecution still happens today, and in the eyes of the rational and the logical, it is utterly and completely irrelevant. Even worse is the moral hypocrisy that occurs in front of everyone’s eyes when, for example, the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality when homosexuality and paedophilia are rampant amongst the priests who preach the message of their own church.

#4: Religion is a crutch for the weak-minded and the scared.

It is very common for people to be born into a particular faith without them choosing to do so (in most cases, the faith of the parents is passed on to the children, and so on). The brightest among us normally evaluate the moral implications of this, and either choose to move on from their faith or to accept it for what it is with their own versions and their own interpretations. Unfortunately, most people choose to accept the faith they are born into as the one, ultimate faith to the exclusion of everyone else’s, and that’s where some of humanity’s greatest conflicts have arisen from. It is because of this that we always forget that no matter who we are or where we’re from, we’re all human beings and we’re all equal. We just choose to forget it because religion provides an easier explanation and, more importantly, an excuse to hate. This, in turn, leads to…

#3: Ignorance and the discouragement of rational and critical thought.

To this day, there are people who fully and completely believe that the world was actually created in 7 days and that evolution is a ‘blasphemous’ theory, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that proves otherwise. Because of this lack of rational and critical thought and the constant pressure made by religion to maintain the faithful flock of sheep ignorant, science, technology and research have always been religion’s biggest victims. This is mostly why I believe religion has held back humanity’s progress; religion provides a convenient, simple explanation of the world and hammers it to the point of indoctrination to the exclusion of that which is actually scientifically proven, and that is completely unacceptable.

#2: Fear-mongering.

“Accept the word of God, or burn in Hell!” Is that a phrase which is all too familiar? Of course it is. What I’ve always questioned about faith is how opportunistic it is; it forces you to be afraid of the repercussions of not accepting it and then, if you still don’t accept it, you’re intimidated by the sheer numbers of people who have already accepted it and thus coaxed into doing so (‘what if Hell actually exists and I’ll be forced to spend the afterlife there instead of Heaven? All those people can’t be wrong!’). This is why religion should be permanently banned and separated from scholastic curriculums unless the student chooses to study the subject, as this serves as a form of indoctrination from a very young age.

#1: War.

The ultimate form of persecution, and the gravest theological failure of religion; war when waged in the name of God. From the 200-year war spanning from the 11th to the 13th Century known as the Crusades, to the genocide which occurs to this day on the same lands but merely under a different banner, billions of innocent human lives have been wasted and destroyed in the name of religion. Imagine how different humanity would have been without religion; imagine the lives that would have been spared and imagine how much better the world could have been. That is why I believe religion is humanity’s biggest plague; that is why, unless we teach ourselves better, our biggest threat is our own ignorance.


10 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Religion is Detrimental to Humanity”

  1. I agree with you that religion should be taught in school as an option, or even better should not be taught at all. Many of your thoughts are my thoughts as well, however I think that in everything there is good and their is bad, and one could also question himself: what is considered as good in reality? And what is bad? Good and bad are basically a point of view created by the person’s nature and nurture. What do you think about this? I enjoyed reading your article, found it very blunt and courageous.


    1. Firstly, thank you for your support and your kind comment, it is greatly appreciated. Regarding your question about good and bad, I think that good and bad are merely situational descriptions of one’s options when faced with a decision. To give a common example, let’s say you’re in a store and the cashier gives you more change than s/he should have and you can leave with extra change in your pocket; the good option would be to correct his/her mistake and give the extra money back, whilst the bad option would be to just leave. Good and bad cannot be defined as concepts as they are too abstract, but can be explained when exemplified.


  2. All civilizations grew up powered by religion.

    But the atheist, ever true to atheism’s fundamental dogma, everything just happened all by itself, thinks that civilization just happens all by itself, too.

    For brevity, responses to only 2 of the list of the 8 atheist absurdities:

    8. Atheists replace God with the all-powerful, all-knowing State, and have faith that utopia is just around the corner.

    7. Free market capitalism makes the infinite creation of wealth possible. And free will allows us to give alms any way we would like.

    So blaming religion for the problem of wealth distribution is simply hateful.


    1. Whilst it is considered rude to point out someone’s stupidity, it is less frowned upon to analyse one’s argument and disarm it word by word, so that’s exactly what I shall do here.

      “All civilisations grew up powered by religion.” – Are you serious? What civilisations are you talking about? The Ancient Aztecs who used to sacrifice humans by ripping out their hearts on altars and toss newly-wed couples into fires? Or were you perhaps talking about the Catholic Church who has gone on genocidal campaigns across the entire world over the course of human history? Is that what you mean by ‘being powered by religion’?

      “But the atheist, ever true to atheism’s fundamental dogma, everything just happened all by itself, thinks that civilization just happens all by itself, too.” – Firstly, we do not have dogmas, and we do not believe. That is what being an atheist is about; atheism is not a faith but it is the lack of one. Neither do we believe that everything just happened all by itself; instead of taking the teachings of very old, badly translated books such as the Bible as the versions of the truth, we instead research and educate ourselves according to the latest scientific breakthroughs, because that’s the field of study where you actually learn how the world has been formed and how societies have been created.

      “For brevity, responses to only 2 of the list of the 8 atheist absurdities:

      8. Atheists replace God with the all-powerful, all-knowing State, and have faith that utopia is just around the corner.

      7. Free market capitalism makes the infinite creation of wealth possible. And free will allows us to give alms any way we would like.”

      – Firstly, I think your arrogance is only surpassed by your idiocy, so please do not slander a well-researched article as a list of absurdities. Secondly, we don’t have faith in ANYTHING, so stop referring to atheism as if it was a faith because it ISN’T. Thirdly, if you seriously think that free market capitalism makes the creation of infinite wealth possible, you clearly have no understanding of how the economy works or what free market capitalism is. Just look at the world and look at how broke America, the icon of capitalism, is.

      “So blaming religion for the problem of wealth distribution is simply hateful.” – I am not blaming religion for the problem of wealth distribution. I am saying that religion takes a very big part of that blame due to the ridiculous amount of money churches, cathedrals and other religious institutions cost.

      If I were you, I would seriously reconsider my beliefs as yours are clearly held together with a lot of big words you don’t even understand and loose interpretations of what the world really is. Moron.

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      1. Julian,

        Name one civilization, in any culture, at any time that didn’t rise up around religion.

        Don’t bother, you can’t because there aren’t any.

        The newly founded, pure atheist regimes of the Soviet Union and Maoist China collapsed within mere decades of their founding and were responsible for the greatest mass murders in human history.

        The central dogma of atheism is that everything just happened all by itself. That is dogma that is necessarily if God does not exist.

        In fact, atheist thinking is so uniform, it’s as if you all came out of the same thought control factory.

        You all believe in the same hoaxes: global warming, ObamaCare, alternative energy, income redistribution, social justice through government, etc.


  3. Although I agree with you about the mainstream one-for-all type religions, you fail to realise that atheism and science are religions too and your faith should not be based on those ever-changing facts and figures.

    I believe that when you associate yourself with labels, unknowingly, your thought patterns will have a tendency to be influenced by those external factors and might not remain pure and distinct. One other thing, people are born equal. It is how they choose to live that may interfere and introduce imbalance later in life.

    Religion in a person’s life is essential. If one does not hold a set a beliefs and opinions on how he should live, his life would be a total waste of space and time. You know what slows down evolution? Indecision. I mean, just look at the main (/liberal) political parties. One should be open to new ideas but at the same time, choose from what is presented.

    To conclude, each living being should build his own religion purely on experience and apply what is deemed fit, leading to an enhanced consciousness.


  4. Your article caught my eye and I thought it was a very interesting read. However I did find some facts confusing. I am a Catholic but while I am devoted to my religion, I like to keep an open mind.

    It is true, religion does give us a sense of hope, and sometimes it is silly because it might be for nothing. But let’s say praying is not necessarily the exaggerated hand-holding display we are used to on television. Let’s take an example I personally experienced. I had to stay in hospital for a couple of days and I was in a very grave state and I had to accept the possibility that I might not be able to get up from my hospital bed. The very little hope my family had received from praying was transmitted it to me by acts of kindness in which they fed me and bathed me and made me feel happy even though I was in a very bleak situation. Its true, you might think its really easy for me to say since I am alive and healthy, however if I were to die at least I would have died happy.

    Praying to God asking for a miracle is not praying. It is true, God has a plan for everyone; so with that in mind what you pray for is enlightenment and courage on how to face a certain situation and help so that you accept it if things are truly hopeless, or maybe its the way some people can lift a burden off their chests. Some people might feel angry towards God that their hopes were not fulfilled but you can’t really pray God to immediately take away a deadly sickness. The truth is everyone has to die and it doesn’t matter what race, religion, gender and age you are.

    I do not mean to be rude or offensive in any way. I am just interested in seeing what you think now that I have shared my opinion as well.


    1. Like I said, I have nothing against forms of meditation such as prayer wherein one tries to find support and maintain a steady grip in a dire situation. It is a part of human nature which I respect, yet I do not believe it bodes well when it involves praying to the exclusion of everything else; I mean, ultimately, prayer changes nothing.


  5. silenceofmind, congratulations for letting the US Republican Party convince you that a welfare state (which in the US you call Obamacare) is a bad thing. Here in Europe we tend to be a bit smarter 🙂


    1. Colin,

      The US Republican Party supports the European-style welfare state.

      I base my political and economic philosophy on the very same Natural Law Theory that America’s Founding Father’s used to design and build the American Republic.


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